Current Students
Etienne Donier-Meroz, 2020-
Tigran Galstyan, 2021-
Past Students
Amir-Hossein Bateni, 2018-2022 (now ATER at Grenoble University)
Laura Tinsi (co-advised by P. Tankov and O. Feron), 2018-2021 (now Research engineer at EDF)
Avetik Karagulyan, 2018-2021 (now postdoc at KAUST)
Nicolas Schreuder, (co-advaised by V.E. Brunel and E. Chzhen) 2018-2021 (now postdoc at Università di Genova)
Arshak Minasyan, 2018-2021 (now Postdoc at CREST, ENSAE Paris)
Philip Thompson (PostDoc), 2017-2019 (now Assistant Professor at Krannert School of Management - Purdue University)
Jaime Roquero Gimenez , MS 2015-2016 (now PhD student at Stanford)
Quentin Paris (PostDoc), 2013-2014 (now Associate Professor at HSE)
Edwin Grappin, PhD 2014-2018
Mehdi Sebbar, PhD 2014-2017 (Senior ML Engineer at Criteo)
Samuel Balmand, PhD 2012-2016 (now at INSEE)
Olivier Collier, PhD 2010-2013 (now assistant prof. at Paris Ouest University)
Wenjie Zheng, MS 2012-2013 (now Research Data Scientist)
Laëtitia Comminges, PhD 2009-2012 (now assistant professor at Paris Dauphine University)
Jérôme Courchay, PhD 2007-2010
Yin Chen, MS 2011-2012 (now Financial Engineer at China Merchants Bank)
Kamel Lahouel, MS 2010-2011
Paul Marcombes, MS 2009-2010 (now Head of Data at Nickel)
Last update: January 8, 2019